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Nordic Issuer provides the necessary tools for companies and investors - Managing their cap tables, KYC / AML, investments, and equity plans.
We also provide full scale Euronext VPS account operator services.

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About Us

Nordic Issuer, formerly known as Aksjeservice, provides digital share ledgers to a significant number of Nordic companies, for both small and large investors. With a combined sum of more than €40 billion.

We also provide digital solutions and know-how regarding Customer onboarding and KYC / AML for financial firms and Lawyers in the European region. Nordic Issuer Services, a fully own subsidiary of Nordic Issuer, provides Issuer Services in the Norwegian sector for listed and unlisted clients.

We have tailored equity management solutions to the Nordic market since 2006. Our state-of-the-art solutions handle the day-to-day deal flow in most of the large financial institutions in Norway in the un-listed segment.

We work closely with industry players, authorities, lawyers, and other interest and competence groups to ensure that our solutions are market-leading at all times. Together with our other companies in the Nordic Issuer, we are a full-service service provider in the Nordic region.

  • Online share ledgers
  • KYC / AML-solutions
  • Investor Portal
  • Equity management
  • Affiliated services
  • Brokerage solutions for the financial industry

Key Figures

We have collected some key figures from our database registers.


Companies registered


Billions of invested capital (EUR)


Unique Investors


Billions disbursed over the last 12 months (EUR)

Read about some of our services

We provide a vast variety of services and solutions. Below you can read about some industry-specific solutions provided by Nordic Issuer:

  • 01 Financial sector

    We provide a tailored solution for all the needs of the financial sector. In one single solution, we fulfill the demands ranging from regulatory needs to investor expectations. The data can be integrated to third party solutions - if needed.

  • Through Legalis, the legal sector solution, we provide client share ledgers with individual client access - streamlining the interaction between client and law firm. Regarding cash handling and client payments, the KYC / AML processes can be nearly 100% automated based on a large set of data providers from sanctions, PEP-screening and Ultimate Beneficial owner to address and financial information.

  • Nordic Issuer also provides online share ledgers and investor web solutions to individual companies. Providing your investors with the best possible solutions for their investments has never been easier. We also provide Issuer Services to listed and un-listed companies in the Norwegian CSD - "Euronext Securities Oslo", in addition to companies registered in Nordic Issuer.


Data analysis presented easily

Through all the solutions provided by Nordic Issuer, we strive to make good use of the data registered while making them available for both client and the investor. Below are some examples of data we can provide:

IRR 23,72%
Market value EUR 23,76 Million
Dividend PayoutEUR 2,73 Million

We offer Issuer Services

Issuer Services is our expertise. Our dedicated team helps you solve all issuer-related challenges. We will assist you from A to Z - registering your company in Euronext VPS or Nordic Issuer. Both the company and its owners will obtain benefits and a significantly simpler everyday life.

  • Initial registration - guided all the way.
  • Daily administration and updating the security register.
  • Assistance with general assembly and corporate actions.
  • Tax-reporting services and investor relations assistance.

Our Issuer Services team is dedicated to supporting and enhancing the corporate strategies of leading global companies, financial institutions, and capital market investors. Our vast network, local knowledge, and client-focused services enable us to provide tailored corporate services and solutions.

NIR Issuer Services


Meet some of the people in Nordic Issuer

Anders Viken Tøftemo - Chief Executive Officer

Anders Viken Tøftemo

Chief Executive Officer

Anders started working with the Nordic Issuer companies in 2007 and has extensive knowledge of all the different aspects and challenges our clients face.

Phone: +47 452 45 700

Email: anders@nordicissuer.com

Joachim Abelseth - Chief Technology Officer

Joachim Abelseth

Head of Development

Joachim leads the development department in Nordic Issuer. He works closely with all the large clients, financial firms and law firms and has a unique ability to solve their challenges in an agile way.

Phone: +47 975 43 170

Email: joachim@nordicissuer.com

Mikhail Lilleøren - Chief Technology Officer

Mikhail Lilleøren

Chief Product & Technology Officer

Mikhail is an experienced technology leader with a proven track record in IT operations, infrastructure management, and virtualization. With over a decade of domain expertise, including extensive experience within the financial industry, he combines strong business acumen with technical prowess.

Phone: +47 976 75 278

Email: mikhail@nordicissuer.com

Hallvard Nordland Brattli - Chief Operating Officer

Hallvard Nordland Brattli

Chief Operating Officer

Hallvard has more than 10 years’ experience from the issuer service segment, and comes from the position as head of the Registrars Department in DNB. Hallvard has been working close with the largest listed companies on Oslo Børs - providing both post transaction– and IPO-related services.

Phone: +47 908 26 997

Email: hallvard@nordicissuer.com

Dag Ringdal - Chief Financial Officer

Dag Ringdal

Chief Financial Officer

Dag has more than 20 years experience in the financial sector. Through leading roles for Credit Suisse, DNB, SEB and other lagre banks and financial service providers, and know the industry inside out. In addition to the CFO-role he works with the development team as a domain expert.

Phone: +47 66 77 37 30

Email: dag@nordicissuer.com

Elena Turbina - Financial Manager

Elena Turbina

Financial Manager

Elena holds a Master's degree in Business Administration and has gained significant experience working in the financial sector across different organizations. Additionally, she is a certified public accountant (CPA), indicating her advanced knowledge and expertise in accounting and finance. As Financial Manager she works with accounting, budget, forecast work and financial analysis.

Phone: +47 97 94 40 95

Email: elena@nordicissuer.com

Morten T. Økern - Key Account Manager

Morten T. Økern

Key Account Manager

Morten has extensive experience from currency and oil trading prior to his work in Nordic Issuer. He works close to the clients identifying their specific needs, and make sure the delivery is accordingly.

Phone: +47 66 77 37 30

Email: morten@nordicissuer.com

Stig Tore Strøm - CEO – Nordic Issuer Services

Stig Tore Strøm

CEO – Nordic Issuer Services

Stig has worked with issuer services for more than 13 years in DNB prior to taking the role as CEO in Nordic Issuer Services. He work directly with clients, and through their legal contacts, to assure a high quality on-boarding and delivery through Euronext Securities Oslo registration.

Phone: +47 91 82 03 17

Email: stig@nordicissuer.com

Espen Carlsen - Head of Issuer Services

Espen Carlsen

Head of Issuer Services

Espen has worked in the Nordic Issuer companies since 2008. He and his team provide issuer services to more than 1000 Nordic companies and provide investor services as well as tax reporting services.

Phone: +47 66 77 37 30

Email: espen@nordicissuer.com

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