Meet our new CPTO!

Welcome to Nordic Issuer, Mikhail Lilleøren!

This week, Mikhail started at Nordic Issuer, and we asked him some questions so that everyone can get to know him a bit better.

Q & A with our new CPTO, Mikhail Lilleøren

Q: Welcome to Nordic Issuer! What attracted you to the role of CPTO, and why did you choose to join our team?

A: Thank you for the warm welcome! I was attracted to the CPTO role at Nordic Issuer because of the company's strong position in its current market, its innovative plans for the future, and its commitment to pushing technological boundaries. The opportunity to contribute my experience in shaping technology strategies for business growth was a compelling factor, and I believe Nordic Issuer's dynamic team and forward-looking approach align perfectly with my ambitions.

Q: In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, how do you envision aligning Nordic Issuer's technology strategies with our overarching business objectives?

A: In the ever-changing technological landscape, my goal is to ensure Nordic Issuer's technology strategies are proactive while preserving the success factors that have brought us to where we are. By closely collaborating with the leadership team, I aim to align our technical initiatives with the company's overarching business goals, allowing us to anticipate market trends and customer needs. This alignment will enable innovation, enhance operational efficiency, and deliver unparalleled value to our clients.

Q: Having taken a brief look at Nordic Issuer's current technological infrastructure and processes, what are you most excited about in terms of future opportunities here?

A: What excites me most is the potential to leverage Nordic Issuer's strong foundation and elevate it to new heights. The chance to build upon the existing technological infrastructure and implement exciting solutions that enhance our offerings and elevate the customer experience is truly inspiring. I look forward to fostering a culture of continuous improvement and positioning Nordic Issuer at the forefront of technological innovation, both in Scandinavia and in the European market.

Q: Can you share some thoughts about your priorities in your first months as CPTO at Nordic Issuer?

A: Of course! Since this is a new role, my initial focus will be understanding the nuances of Nordic Issuer's operations, culture, and objectives. Collaborating closely with the teams, I will work to identify areas where technology can be most impactful. Developing a robust technological roadmap, promoting innovation, and establishing strong communication channels with stakeholders will be key priorities to ensure a smooth transition into the role and deliver tangible results early on.

Q: How do you see Nordic Issuer's technology differentiating us from competitors in the current market?

A: Nordic Issuer's commitment to delivering a holistic service, underpinned by technology since its inception in 2006, has resulted in a unique market position as the preferred solution. By embracing emerging technologies and integrating them into our services, we'll be better equipped to offer innovative solutions that anticipate our customers' changing needs. Our ability to combine deep industry expertise with technology will set us apart, positioning us as leaders in delivering value-based solutions.

Q: A CPTO's role is multidimensional, from strategy to operations. How do you plan to balance these diverse responsibilities?

A: Balancing strategy and operations requires a well-coordinated approach. I plan to establish a strong framework that aligns technological initiatives with our strategic objectives while ensuring smooth daily operations. Collaborative leadership, transparent communication, and a data-driven mindset will guide my decision-making, allowing us to realize long-term visions while maintaining operational expertise.

Q: In what ways do you believe integrating advanced technology can further enhance Nordic Issuer's customer experience?

A: Integrating and implementing advanced technology opens exciting opportunities for enhancing customer experiences. Personalized solutions, streamlined processes, and data-driven insights will enable us to deliver tailored offerings in both existing and new markets, exceeding customer expectations. By leveraging technology to improve communication, provide real-time updates, and anticipate customer needs, we'll create a seamless and engaging journey that stands out in the market.

Q: Nordic Issuer has a reputation for innovation. How do you see your role contributing to this culture of continuous development and growth?

A: As CPTO, my role is to foster an environment where innovation flourishes. I will encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration and give teams the opportunity to share ideas and experiment with new technologies. By championing a culture of learning, adaptability, and calculated risk-taking, we will ensure innovation becomes part of our DNA, driving continuous development and sustainable growth.

Q: On a more personal note; Who are you, Mikhail? Tell us three interesting things about yourself.

A: Certainly! Three interesting things about me: In 1992, I was the fourth most promising chess player in Norway in my age group. In 1999, I spent 2 weeks on a trial for a Spanish Segunda Division team (Getafe). And after training, I prefer chocolate milk as my recovery drink.

Q: Lastly, for a bit of fun: If you had to describe your vision for Nordic Issuer's technological future in three words, what would they be?

A: Innovation, Scalability, Speed.