Choosing Share Ledger

Should i choose a share ledger through Nordic Issuer or Euronext Securities Oslo VPS solutions?

Every week we get asked:
“Should we keep our shares in your system ''NIR'' or in VPS' system”.
The answer to this question has no easy answer, as it's based on the specific needs of your company.

Nordic Issuer, one of the largest share ledgers in Europe, offer companies in Europe a unique solution for managing their shares. With more than NOK 510 billion in paid-in capital registered in the system “NIR”, Nordic Issuer is the only company in Norway with solutions for both share ledgers and is the Registrar for the Norwegian Central Securities Depository Euronext Securities Oslo (ES-OSL). We even have solutions for SNDRs, see this article for more information.

For companies without CSD needs, our own system NIR provides an easy, cost-effective solution for share management. On the other hand, ASA´s and companies heading for listing may opt for ES-OSL, which is the Norwegian CSD. This is mandatory for public limited companies and companies listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. Both registration forms have solutions for managing the shareholders and doing all the events or corporate actions that a company could need. This ranging from paying Dividends to mergers or acquisitions and much more. We also do the tax reporting.

At Nordic Issuer, we understand that each company has different needs, and we provide tailored solutions to meet those needs. Whether you choose NIR or ES-OSL, you can trust that we will provide the support you need to effectively manage your shares and not choosing what we want you to choose.

Whether you are going for ES-OSL or NIR – the tax reporting to the Norwegian authorities (“Ar-oppgaven”) will be taken care of. Nordic Issuer reports for more than 2 000 companies each year and have a wide experience over the last two decades in this area as well.